Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What to do when your pet lost appetite

If you have a pet dog that you had adopted long before as your puppy, it is very disturbing if it does not eat properly. Dogs do not eat due to several reasons. You have to know the reason for the lack of appetite in your dog to decide the accurate treatment. The loss of appetite may be the symptoms of any underlying severe diseases. Therefore, you have to find out the reason and give proper treatment.

What to do when your pet lost appetite, is the question you may ask umpteen times. Here are many ways to solve this problem.

• Providing proper diet, plenty of water, natural supplement and lots of exercise are the best ways to solve the problem of less appetite in your dog.

• Make a change in the diet of your pet dog is another pet care tip. A slight change in the diet once in a while does not create any problem to your dog. If the dog eats new food, it is healthy.

• Dogs like warm food with good smell. So always try to give food with warm and fragrant food

• The package diet may not provide proper amount of necessary nutrients to your dog. As nutrients are very essential for the optimal functioning of the body, you should be sure to give it the natural supplements

• The food should be free from all toxins and contain the essential nutrients.

• Adding some flavor to the dog food is good to increase appetite. Garlic can add flavor. But remember to apply in small quantity.

• The surroundings, at the time of eating have an important role in decreasing the appetite. Some dogs feel uncomfortable to hear loud noise and see strange people during their eating time. So try to serve food when the dog is calm and in its comfort zone.

• Aromatherapy is a good suggestion to increase appetite to your pet. Rose and vetiver oils can stimulate appetite. Put a drop of oil on the bandana and tie around the neck of your dog until it feels hungry. But these oils are very sensitive and so try not to get it to the skin.

If you find that any of these methods cannot solve the problem of your dog, it may suffer from some other diseases that require treatment. In that case, do not be late to consult a good veterinarian.

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