Monday, November 1, 2010

How to Stop Your Pet Puppy from Biting All Things

It is a very common among puppies to exhibit behaviors such as nipping and biting. This behavior may turn into dog aggression in future which would result in very serious consequences. This behavior should be stopped before the dog grows big. It is also an important aspect in pet care. This behavior would inflict serious injury.

This behavior of the puppies cannot be changed overnight. It is a very slow process and should be continued as a natural process of learning. Appropriate training should be provided for the puppy in mouthing and biting behavior. These behaviors of biting of the puppies are learnt from its mother.

Tips for training your pet puppy from biting all the things and dog care are mentioned below:

• Training the pet puppy should begin when the puppy is six weeks old.

• Emphasize every good behavior of your puppy and provide those praises and reward. For example: when the puppy is licking you without using its teeth.

• You can give a toy for chewing instead of your hand which can be chewed without causing much damage. While removing your hand do it very slowly without any jerk.

• The technique utilized for training the puppy should be regular. Care should be taken to ensure that all the family members use the same technique for training the puppies.

• Enroll the puppy in an obedience or professional training school. This would teach him to socialize with other dogs.

• React that you are hurt when the puppy bites you. Yell or say a loud NO when the puppy bites you. If it continues with the same behavior then just leave the room for some time. The puppy will recognize that you are hurt and that it would lose a playmate if does the same behavior.

• Avoid playing tug-of war and wrestling with your dog as it may encourage it to bite and also make it believe that biting is similar to playing.

• If the puppy is still continuing the behavior then adopt steps such as restricting it to move out freely or take away its food for sometime.

• Avoid physically punishing the puppy. Some pets may misunderstand it as a game to be played and will start enjoying it.

• Train him with the commands such as ‘Off’ so that you can utilize it to stop the puppy when it is biting you with extreme pressure.

• Show plenty of affection to your pet when it is not biting. This method would be fruitful when you are trying to stop the puppy from biting.

With the help of the above mentioned tips for dog care and training the puppy to stop biting all things. You have to take care that the techniques that you adopt to train the puppy should be consistent. It is a misconception that the biting of puppies is a playful behavior of the dog’s nature and should not be encouraged. You can enroll it in a dog training school.

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