Monday, November 12, 2012

Gratifying Job Opportunities for Trained LVNs

lvn schools Many people begin LVNs to produce an income to support their families. They do not realize at first how many different environments and types of work the trained LVN will have to choose from. Even positions that have been hard to secure as an LVN in the past are opening up because of personnel shortages. An LVN that takes some advanced training will find that they have even more opportunities. Hospital LVN Opportunities Most LVNs work in hospitals. They may specialize in pediatrics, oncology, orthopedics, or emergency and trauma departments. Hospitals are using their own education departments to further train LVNs in advanced procedures that used to be the private domain of RNs. Some large city hospitals have mobile units that go into the urban areas to assess adults and children at risk. The nurses that work in these units make a difference in the lives of people who may not otherwise receive medical care. Home Health and Hospice Home health and hospice care are seeking compassionate, trained LVNs to assist home-bound and dying patients. These positions usually involve more autonomy for experienced LVNs than other employment options. These types of patients and their families or primary caregivers require a lot of guidance and teaching on things like diabetes management, maintaining activities of daily living, and pain control. LVNs in Offices and Clinics Doctors' offices and clinics provide an LVN with great work hours and an ever-changing opportunity to assess patients with differing complaints and diagnoses. Some clinics do in-house lab work. This gives the LVN an opportunity to learn procedures that are not usually available to them. Most office LVNs get to work normal business hours. This is a rare opportunity in nursing. As an LVN, you will do a quick assessment of the incoming patients, take vital signs and document your findings before the doctor comes in to see the patient. Many nurses bringing up families with young children find these opportunities more appealing than nursing jobs in hospital settings. LVN Residential Care Opportunities Long-term care and residential care facilities give an LVN the opportunity to really know and understand their patients and family members. These patients may have chronic conditions or just be too elderly to stay in their own home anymore. Many have some form of dementia or Alzheimer's disease. The patient loads for nurses are often heavy in these settings, but the work is rewarding, and geriatrics is a specialty group in its own right. Private Care LVNs Trained LVNs are in demand in the private sector as well. Families of patients who want to be cared for at home hire nurses at a premium rate and are private pay. These positions may be hourly or salaried. Family members may need such services while they work, or just for some time that they need out of the house (respite care). An LVN who is interested in this type of position needs to have at least a year of experience working in a general care facility.

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