Saturday, August 25, 2012

Teds Woodworking Review

One of the first things I noticed when starting to do my homework for my first Teds Woodworking review, was that the plans and blueprints of the program seem to be put together, along with the pictures and written descriptions, so that both brutal beginners in working with wood, as well as the very experienced woodworkers, can benefit from them, and successfully complete any of the 15,000 + projects the package contains.

During my subsequent Teds Woodworking review, I quickly realized that, for the more inexperienced woodworker, the plans seem to have just this little additional hint and tip along all projects, that explains the little details that often make the difference between a wrong cut and a great cut on wood, or e.g. a proper decision for cherry-wood as a material or knowing why pine-wood might be just the right material for your next outside-woodwork project.

The same holds true for the different woodworking techniques and also the appropriate woodworking tools that are available in this software package. However, is it really suitable for beginners, as well as for experts just as they advertise it for and so many reviews brag about? One thing that really frustrated me personally, when starting out with woodworking was the sheer indefinite amount of woodworking plans out there, and the so often extreme lack of in-depth explanations of any serious woodworking projects; to me -at least when I started out with this exiting hobby - it was almost like all of the woodworking plans and project - software would lure you into believing they deliver some sort of quality, by teaching you extremely simple woodworking projects like for example a plant - holder, but falling completely short on any kind of more involved woodworking project plans - and their explanations.

Continuing to review Teds Woodworking, I also realized one other thing which was that some of the major woodworking packages did not really contain any major amount or number of woodworking projects; as a matter of fact, once I came across a woodworking plan project package that did not contain more than 25 plans in total, most of them where the same Chippendale style dining room wooden chair and table set. Of course, and very unfortunately, before you buy the software, you know only very little about its content, and if you end up buying a product with only very poor customer service support, you might end up never getting your money back after you really tried the product and realized you may not be really satisfied with it. Very often, these products come with a lot of "bonuses" for woodworking, be it any kind of woodworking e-books, or whatever software that relates to working with wood and manufacturers of these woodworking products really try to focus on the "add-ons', the "freebies" that you may get when buying their product - for the simple reason that the core -woodworking product itself is rather slim on insight on woodworking.

This, to me, was another reason why I really liked Ted's woodworking a lot; not only does the product give a lot of bonuses in addition to the core - woodworking product, for example the so called DWG/CAD Plan Viewer, which allows you to edit or even create from scratch your very own woodworking project (just in case you do not have enough with the already existing 14,000 + [plans and projects), it also comes with tons and tons (translates to over 150) videos related to any aspect of woodworking; at the same time, however, the program does NOT fall short on delivering its core premises which are just plainly very well laid out woodworking plans and projects for beginners to pro's in carpentry.

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