Thursday, September 8, 2011

Baby Pigeon Care

Baby pigeon care and their development need special attention. It is not an easy job as pigeons are delicate creatures. However, many people love them and like to keep them as pets, as pigeons can be domesticated.
Pet owners who posses pigeons must take adequate measures to ensure their general well-being. When the pigeons lay eggs, it is the duty of the pet owner to take proper measures for their safety and normal growth.
You can collect all the necessary items that has you will need for pigeon care to nurture the baby pigeons. For example, a comfortable nest or cage arrangement, feeding syringe, a small piece of cloth that can be used to wrap the baby pigeon.
The moment your pet pigeons lay eggs, you can arrange things by buying them from pet care stores. They also provide the desired food for the baby pigeons which can be purchased well in advance.
Ensure the formula of the baby pigeon food, so that you can feed the baby bird with the help of a syringe when the eggs hatch. Before feeding the baby pigeon, make use of the instructions given on the packet or bottle of the pigeon food. Mix up the baby bird formula accordingly with slight warm water and feed it to the young ones. Bear in mind that the water should not be too hot.
Many times, the tiny creatures may not respond as they won’t understand what you are going to do with them. You can gently take them in your palm and wrap the baby pigeon in a clean and soft towel. Hold the baby pigeon firmly and make sure that you are not going to cause any harm to it.
Try to open the pigeon’s beak by pinching the sides gently. Insert the tip of the feeding syringe and press the inner food material slowly bit by bit. Initially, the baby pigeon may not respond, but as it gets used to your touch it will respond gradually. At times, the pigeon may eat or sometimes, it may even refuse to do so.
Remember that pigeons are exotic birds that can thrive in every surrounding. Be it the concrete environment of a metro city or the wild surroundings of forests. Pigeons are seen everywhere as they are adaptable in nature and baby pigeon care is easily managed by the elder pigeons as well.

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