Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Puffer Fish Care

Puffer fish care has to be properly maintained by the pet owners who keep them as pets. In fact, it is an important activity that ensures their longevity and general well-being.

Many people who like to keep fish pets put puffer fishes in their aquariums or fish tanks. These are the incredible creatures that enhance your living rooms and add cheerfulness in the surrounding. It is fun to observe their movements. However, they too need proper fish care measures and timely attention.

Puffer fishes are the tiny creatures that are famous for their puppy-dog like eyes. They make cute faces which look beautiful to the observer. These creatures have very specific needs that are must to survive in the aquarium environment. Make use of fish care tips to increase their life.

Whenever you make a decision to buy a puffer fish, choose a healthy puffer from the available lot. Make a good research on the different colored puffer fishes to get an idea about them. Try to look for the active fishes that exhibit bright and vibrant colors. Make sure that the puffer fish does not have ragged edges.

Always try to keep a check on your fish aquarium temperature and its overall pH level. Make sufficient arrangement by keeping sufficient space in the fish tank to enable them easy movements and allow them to hide behind the corals, pebbles or the aquatic plants. You can even put sand on the bottom of the fish tank.

To feed the puffer fish, you require a mixture of frozen and live products. For example, you can feed them with bloodworms, earthworms, squid, crabs, mussels, etc. As the puffer fishes have teeth, they can easily trim and chew such kind of food. To get the food close to the puffer fish in the aquarium, make use of fish tank tongs. This tool proves helpful to stop other fishes in the tank from receiving the food first.

Bear in mind that puffer fish has the tendency to eat other fishes in the aquarium. Similarly, extremely aggressive fish may try to eat the puffer fish. Hence, it is advised to pay proper attention before choosing other varieties of fishes to keep together with your puffer fish.

Proper puffer fish care is possible by maintaining an appropriate filtration system. Keep the fish tank clean and periodically change the water to ensure sufficient dissolved oxygen inside the fish tank.

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